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Morcellation Containment System

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The range of Espiner Laparoscopic Tissue Retrieval Systems was pioneered by laparoscopic surgeon Harry Espiner in 1990 when he encountered the problem of how to retrieve tissue safely in the new procedure for gallbladder removal.

Deciding that the simplest solution was to create a bag to remove the organ, he set about designing one and identified Jim Howard at Cameron Balloons - the world's largest manufacturer of hot air balloons - as his partner.  With his expert knowledge of lightweight fabrics normally used in balloon flight but now applied to the operating theatre, Jim Howard set about creating prototypes out of ripstop nylon and utilised a special formulation of polyurethane coating to ensure the material was fully leak-resistant. 

Fast forward 26 years and Espiner have just released a Morcellation Containment System as a comprehensive solution for containing gynaecological power morcellation procedures, under direct vision - incorporates a camera sleeve for a 5-10mm trocar and camera.

Why contain morcellation?

  • Reduces disseminated malignancy rates
  • Insulated sac creates chamber isolating tissue for morcellation
  • Prevents bowel injury
  • Reduces the risk of endometriosis and peritoneal myomatosis
  • Better patient experience and reduced stay in hospital
  • Improves clinician confidence

The design features: 

  • Ripstop fabric resistant to tearing following inadvertent puncture
  • Coloured tabs/markers and black stitching inside the sac mouth aids sac depolyment and orientation
  • Blue 'tab' enables the camera sleeve to be located and exited through a 5mm port
  • Includes x-ray opaque marker
  • Available in 2 sizes:  4000ml (requires 15mm trocar to introduce sac) and 2000ml (requires 15mm trocar to introduce sac)            


Product Code Trocar Dmm L mm V ml No. per box Product Description
EMP200ECO-TMF-6 15 140 325 2000 6 Morcellation Containment System, Size 200
EMP200-ECO-6-T15 15 140 325 2000 6 Morcellation Containment Size 200 Sac with 1 x 15mm Trocar (specifically for the sac)
EMP400ECO-TMF-6 15 200 350 4000 6 Morcellation Containment System, Size 400
EMP400-ECO-6-T15 15 200 350 4000 6 Morcellation Containment Size 400 Sac with 1 x 15mm Trocar (specifically for the sac)



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Additional Info